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Photos and Art Work by Dr. C.
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Art Ordering Page Art Ordering Page  Catalog One: Herkimer Diamond Art This is one of three Art Catalogs Watch the slide show, and enjoy. If you see something you like then write down the number. Then go to the Art Ordering Page to find out more about the art you have selected. Catolog 2 Catolog 2 Catolog 3 Catolog 3
Note: The art you will receive will be of a higher quality than in the slide show (this is for security reasons). In addition each piece of art has a Dr. C. signature, and is a museum quality print! Only a small number of these will be available to the public
it! GRAB
They are good investment! Add one to your Herkimer collection
Art Ordering Page Art Ordering Page
Thanks to someone who has contributed much over the last year