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Over   the   decades   that   man   has   been   collecting   these   shiny   gems   in   the   Herkimer district   people   have   developed   explanations,   their   “geologic   story”,   as   to   how Herkimer   diamonds   got   there.      Some   of   these   older   “stories”   about   how   Herkimer diamonds   were   made   are   still   on   the   Internet,   and   published   in   a   non-scientific book    as    recently    as    2014.    Some    of    these    old    stories    are    still    repeated    by collectors   as   fact,   rather   than   unsupported   myth.     These   old   myths   are   discussed on   the   "old   theories"   web   page   (see   research   page).   This   web   page   presents   a new   story   about   how   Herkimer   diamonds   were   made,   a   new   theory   -   the   Oil   and Seed   Crystal   Theory ,      which   is   explained   in   more   detail   on   the   research   page, but   is   explained   here   with   illustrations   that   help   to   make   it   easy   to   understand. This   page   presents   an   overview,   displayed   in   a   pictorial   representation,   of   this new story about how Herkimer diamonds were formed.
The Story of Herkimer Diamonds: How Were Herkimer Diamonds Made?
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Herkimer Diamond Event:  The tiny crystals act as “seeds” from which larger Herkimer diamonds are grown.
Getting the Rock Ready: A series of geologic events all occurred to make a special “birth place” in limestone.
The Fluid Follow Nature’s Pathways:  The “birth place” rock had to be connected to the source deep in the earth.
The Fluids Make Dolomite: The limestone “birth place” rock is converted to a dolomite rock.
Hydrocarbons, Oil, Follow:  The “holes” in the dolomite rock are covered, sometimes filled, with oil.
Seed Crystal Event:  Very tiny quartz crystals, by the millions, are formed throughout the region.
Ice Ages and Weathering:  Throughout the district the effects of weathering have had a important impact.
Photo by Blake Barnet 2015 Found by Adam Scanlon 2015 Crystal with  a “Black Seed” from AD 8 x5 mm
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Man and Herkimer Diamonds - The Story Continues Man and Herkimer Diamonds - The Story Continues Man and Herkimer Diamonds - The Story Continues
Understanding How the Story is Presented: The story is presented in “layers”, explained here.
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