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How to be a part of the Collaborative Herkimer Diamond Research Project
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Friends of Herkimer Diamonds
This research on Herkimer diamonds has been a collaborative one.  We have a separate page to honor those who have contributed to the content on this website. You can also find links to mineral miners - collectors who have contributed by clicking here:
The needs of our research on Herkimer diamonds often changes as we continue to gather information.  The help of miners and collectors is needed in order to study the entire Herkimer Mining District.
If you find anything unusual in the Herkimer Mining District please contact Dr C right away. 
Friends of Herkimer Diamonds Friends of Herkimer Diamonds
2016 - 2017  Research Sample Focus
Quartz - Hydrocarbon Interaction: The research is currently focused on black hydrocarbon pockets which also contain quartz.  From such pockets we need handful of the hydrocarbon (uncleaned) and a sample of the wall rock uncleaned - preferably from the bottom. If possible a “junk” Herkimer diamond on matrix from the same pocket, or not on matrix. The search for good crystal frost examples is on!! It is possible that there are many different types of crystal frost left behind from the interaction of the quartz fluids with the oil fluids.  I expect there are things out there that will be amazing!  We also have now an “Ongoing Research” page: This will eventually become a webpage of its own.
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W. David Hoisington, PhD PO Box 161 West Rutland, VT 05777
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