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Dr. C’s Blog about Exploring the Herkimer Mining District
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Every year something new is discovered within the Herkimer Mining District. You can find these under New Discoveries 
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Welcome to the New Herkimer Diamond Story!
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 The blog entries are aimed at presenting non technical discussions of the collaborative work being done on expanding the story of how Herkimer diamonds were formed.  At the start of each year the blog page will begin fresh and the previous year’s blog entries put on a separate archive webpage.  
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New Discoveries New Discoveries
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New Discovery Posted - The Quartz Rhombic Cast - 03/24/2018
See the New Discoveries page… The photo on the right is of the quartz rhombic cast. This quartz rhombic cast is an inclusion within a Herkimer diamond and one located close to the wall rock contact.  If you have a collection of Herkimer diamonds then you probably have one of these quartz rhombic casts in your collection. The explanation of how these were formed can be found in the slides on the Hydrothermal and Vertical Flow page  (slides 25 - 29).  These are quartz casts made as the dolomite crystal was being altered, disolved, by the hydrothermal fluids. The Hydrothermal and Vertical flow page also includes new photos showing how the pocket wall rock has been hydrothermally altered.  Most exciting, in this authors humble opinion, are the quartz micro-veins.  These are very difficult to see in the field, and difficult to photograph in the lab. Most are transparent and very small.  Occassionally one will have a bit of hydrocarbon in it and thus provide enough contrast for a good photo.  It is proposed here that the Herkimer diamond pocket wall rock has many of these quartz micro-veins and this accounts for the toughness of the wall rock, as reported by those with the experience of trying to drill through it, cut it with a diamond blade, or smash it with a sledge hammer.
New Photo Documentation Added - Hydrothermal and Vertical Flow - 03/07/2018
There are now 31 slides on the Hydrothermal and Vertical Flow web page.  This evidece clearly illustrates that hydrothermal fluids moved both vertically and horizontally through the Herkimer diamond host rocks.  This is an important part of the new story about how Herkimer diamonds were made.
New Micro-Vein Photo Added and Pocket Reconstruction -  04/02/2018
New Photos of Crystal Frost along Fractures in Host Rock - 04/05 & 06/2018