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Dr.C. did two talks at the Herkimer Diamond Festival (July)which are in a Youtube movie. The research on the Herkimer District is in need of samples and photos.

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Home Page - tips, research, lots of high quality photos, answers to questions, definitions, why, how, and where. This site uses input from you.
The material on this website presents the history of Herkimer diamonds, pictures of all the minerals, and information about every mine - deposit in the Herkimer diamond mining district. It is an ongoing COMMUNITY research project (meaning that people contribute to the project) focusing specifically on deposits of quartz crystals in and around Herkimer county, New York, USA. The Herkimer diamond deposit (a Herkimer diamond mine if it is a commerical venture) MUST contain double terminated quartz crystals showing the characteristic form of "Herkimer Diamonds".
Since 1999 there has been considerable new research related to Herkimer diamond mines - deposits. This website combines this recent information with new field, and laboratory, evidence from each of the Herkimer diamond mines - deposits. There are over 40 individual webpages of information about Herkimer diamonds, presented in a format that is easy to understand.  The goal to be the most informative FREE website about Herkimer diamonds, meaning, definition, tips, what, how and why, along with descriptions of different mines in the region. This site will be updated regularly - usually over the summer. This is a HUGE project it needs YOUR help!

What can you find on

Photos of every form of quartz from the Herkimer Mining District. Links to: druze, singles, groups, inclusions, skeletal, spheres, and your "perfect" Herkimer diamond.

A list of all of the mines/deposits in the Herkimer Mining District. Links to a description page for each mine/deposit. Pocket photos and mine site photos.

There are frequently asked questions about Herkimer diamonds: Why are they so clear? How did they get there? How come some are smoky in color? 

How did Herkimer diamonds form in this part of New York? An overview is pictorially presented. Evidence for the new "oil  and seed crystal theory" with links to both field and laboratory support. Links to the "old theories page" and the science pages.

Why are all of the mines a bit different from each other?  The  "The General Mineral Sequence" helps to answer this.  There are also links to photos of other minerals (like dolomite and calcite).

Resources for mineral collectors, tips on how to find them and links. Also special thanks for those who have helped. Links to a jewelry page and a human history page (including metaphysical). 

Information about the business that sponsor  It is a great way to get Herkimer Diamonds.

Information on this website is the intellectual property of W.David Hoisington, Ph. D. (also known as Dr. C.)  unless some other author is cited.  If you use this information in a publication, website, or presentation please cite this author and this website.

If you have any evidence that is contrary to what is presented here then please send it to us.  If you are doing related research then please tell us.  If you want to help click here to see how.

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Herkimer diamond photos! More different kinds than any other website.

W. David Hoisington, Ph.D.

Please note that this is an ongoing research project and some pages in this website are still under construction.

July, 2015

Get involved and help by donating photos and specimens.

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Much of the information on this website is new, original, and has not been published elsewhere. If you use the information given here then please give credit to this website and its author.