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Crystal Frost Inclusions
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At the gem festival in Herkimer NY, July, 2016, the discovery of crystal frost in the Herkimer Mining District,  was announced.  Here we will describe its major forms.
As of summer, 2016, we are processing photos and waiting for more public involvement.  The crystal frost is a new discovery and there appears to be a range of forms it can take. The first slide shows its most common form. These have been found most often as inclusions inside quartz that is in contact with hydrocarbon. But they also occur FREE STANDING on a matrix of hydrocarbon and silica.
Due to several injuries Dr C has been forced to put this Herkimer diamond research on hold. Will return this winter (see discoveries page)
The importance of the crystal frost event is that it formed a base, over dolomite/oil filled rock, upon which the Herkimer diamonds then grew.  Not all Herkimer diamonds grew attached this way, but many did. The crystal frost helps to explain how it is possible to grow quartz in an oil filled dolomite rock.
Expect more additions to this page as folks make donations to the science - like the Alaska diamonds, thanks to Stephen Sheets, and their crystal frost (01/20/2017).