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Dr. C’s Blog about Exploring the Herkimer Mining District
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Every year something new is discovered within the Herkimer Mining District. You can find these under New Discoveries 
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 The blog entries are aimed at presenting non technical discussions of the collaborative work being done on expanding the story of how Herkimer diamonds were formed.  Past blog entries can be viewed by clicking on next at the bottom of the page.  
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New Discoveries New Discoveries
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Updated - 03/09/2019
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Thank you Shannon Haley Wilbur for the donation of 30 samples from the Fonda region.1/05/2019 and 3/2/2019 Check out her Facebook.
Spheres and curved objects are occassionally found within solid hydrocarbon and presumed to be in contact with hydrocarbon during their formation.  A beautiful sphere is shown in the photo below right. The spheres are always small.  They are strong evidence for the presence of hydrocarbons prior to the introduction of quartz bearing solutions.
Spheres and Curved Objects Page is being Updated - 03/06-09/2019
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There are other curved objects found with Herkimer diamonds.  Below is a photo of a hopper sphere - field named “birds eye sphere” by Kathryn S.  This one is on top of a very thin tabular quartz crystal.
Both of these photos, and more, can be found in the slide show on spheres and curved objects. Click Here