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How were Herkimer diamonds formed? How did nature make them? The story starts with the birth of the rocks which the Herkimer diamonds call their home - in Herkimer County, New York (USA) and the story continues through the time of the Native Americans and up to present day.  The story will be presented here with illustrations and stunning photography.  Much of what is presented here is new, and amazing, information about Herkimer diamonds. This is a story that is based on the most current knowledge we have and is updated as we make new discoveries.
Herkimer diamonds come in many shapes and colors - some of which might surprise you.  The term “Herkimer diamond” refers to a form of quartz (a mineral) which comes from the Herkimer Mining District (see Mines and Maps).  On this website you will not only see beautiful photography of Herkimer diamond quartz, but also of other types of quartz that can be found in the region.  In addition you will see pictures of other minerals and an illustration showing how they relate to each other within the district. Photos of new discoveries are added each year.
There are some questions that people usually ask about Herkimer diamonds, like “How are Herkimer diamonds formed?”, “How were these brilliant perfect crystal made by nature?”, “Why are they so clear and why do they sparkle like diamonds?” and “Why are some Herkimer diamonds smoky in color?”  These and a few other questions are addressed with links to information throughout the website.
There are many areas throughout the Herkimer Mining District that contain Herkimer diamond quartz. Some of these are mines where you can go and dig for them yourself, or stop at the local shop and buy one.  Other locations are closed, private, or in some other way restricted to public access.  Maps, and directions, are provided to the public access locations. A list of all the other locations in the district, and other “Herkimer diamond like” quartz locations throughout the world, is also provided.
In 1992, the lead investigator of this Herkimer diamond project (often called Dr. C.) began to look at the district as a whole and found that the old theories lacked the ability to explain the variation of crystals and features mineral collectors were finding.  In 2006 this website was launched and the preliminary findings were presented to the public.  The public was also invited to collaborate with the research, and their contributions have been added every year since to support a new theory about the origin of Herkimer diamonds called “The Oil and Seed Crystal Theory”.  Watch progress on this new and exciting theory as it unfolds… Also links to the scientific background research are provided where you see this red button:
This project remains a collaborative one.  Each contributor has a link on the “Friends of Herkimer Diamonds” and shows as                   within the website.  Everyone is encouraged to participate with photos and specimen donations.  On the contact page this is explained - what type of specimen is needed.  You can also just send us your feedback, suggestions, ideas - and of course error corrections where they may be needed.
The information, and photography, on this website is copyright protected by W. David Hoisington, Ph. D. unless another author/photographer is cited.
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Updated - 03/09/2019
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