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Dolomite from Mines and Deposits in the Herkimer Mining District
Dolomite is the first mineral introduced into the host limestone rocks that are the birthplace of the Herkimer diamonds. There are several episodes of dolomite shown in the slide show below: first dolomite (tiny crystals), second dolomite (larger crystals), and possibly a late third dolomite event (Fe - rich) - read the caption below each photo in the slide show.  There is also the occurrence of black dolomite, discussed further below. 0 9
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Black dolomite is consistently associated with the black rod stems that form Herkimer diamond scepters at HBQ and Little Falls - which in itself is unusual (see the Herkimer diamond scepter page).  But the centers of many second phase dolomite crystals can be seen as much darker than the outside - as if they had been “bleached”. How did this happen?
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Updated - 03/09/2019
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