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Dr. C’s Blog about Exploring the Herkimer Mining District
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Every year something new is discovered within the Herkimer Mining District. You can find these under New Discoveries 
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Welcome to the New Herkimer Diamond Story!
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 The blog entries are aimed at presenting non technical discussions of the collaborative work being done on expanding the story of how Herkimer diamonds were made.  At the start of each year the blog page will begin fresh and the previous year’s blog entries put on a separate archive webpage.  
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New Discoveries New Discoveries
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 Getting Ready for the Annual Herkimer Festival Talk in July 2018 Sorry for Not Being there in 2017
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I am still working on the Spheres - Curved Features research project.  This is ongoing research and the ongoing research page has been updated to reflect where we are in this investigation. The rational for focusing on Spheres and Curved Features is that they are most likely to represent the interaction between quartz bearing fluids and hydrocarbons (new page added 02/07/2018). If you have a specimen with curved features, or a clear Herkimer diamond on black matrix, that you think should be part of this research then send it to: PO box 107, Danbury NH 03230 Write on it “Donation” or “Please Return”.  I’ll bring return specimens to the talk in July 2018 and return them to their owners. I am still trying to make sense out of the large variety of curved features discovered. I will soon make a separate web page dedicated to them while also linking them to other pages on this website. But, for now, you can see the progress on the ongoing research page. The web pages describing the story of how Herkimer diamonds were made have been updated so as to reflect the new discoveries made thus far. Date of this post Jan. 25, 2018
A collection of spherical quartz from TCR. The largest is 7 mm long.  Photo taken in 2011 with permission of the mine owner.
New Discovery Posted - The Disc Face - 02/01/2018
See the New Discoveries page… The photos of the disc faces on the discoveries page are top quality examples of this new discovery, which was known back in 2010, but not named until we found it at a second mine.  We needed more samples because we do not have a good explanation of how these disc faces were formed as part of the Herkimer diamond making history. The photo on the right shows several disc faces - with their unique mirror like surface and very circular edges. Note the smaller ones under the word faces.  The larger one is directly facing the camera in the middle of the photo.  These disc faces on the right are not as complete as the ones on the discovery page, but the variations provide more information to be used in developing a hypotheses about their formation history.
New Page Added - Spheres and Curved Objects - 02/07/2018
Thank you Kathryn S. for the donation of 27 samples which were carefully field collected to demonstrate curved features in quartz. 6/30/2018