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Treasure Mountain- TM Little Falls - LF
Herkimer Diamond Mines that are Private and Closed to the Public
Herkimer Diamond Mines that are Forbidden to the Public - Against the Law!
Hanson Benchmark Quarry - HBQ
Deposit Name
Relevant Comments Pertaining to this Web Site
Deposit Name
Discussions of these access forbidden deposits are done as part of a scientific investigation and are in no way meant to encourage people to act in an unlawful manner.
Relevant Comments Pertaining to this Web Site
Other Private LocationsThere are other locations for which there is little available material for study. These include Angel Gate (AG), Little Falls Farm (LFM).
HBQ is an active rock crushing quarry with a stone vertical expose of nearly 100 ft.  The material from HBQ is characterized by its lack of weathering effects - nearly pristine rock and crystals.  This lets us see some relationships that are often obscured by weathering in the other mines.  In addition the vertical exposure lets us see the vertical fracture control on the mineralization which is not so easily seen in mines with less vertical exposure. This quarry is probably the best place in the Herkimer Mining District to study the Herkimer diamond mineralization sequence. A multiple year long project that combines different scientists, the cooperation of the company (to go in and study the mine on weekends), and the help of collectors to share photos of material, and the mine. There is much that can be done with modern science at this quarry that can not be done elsewhere, due to the freshness of the sample and the links that can be made to either vertical or horizontal porous rock features. Add to study of New Yorks most famous mineral, is the study of the “Oil and Seed Crystal Theory”. This is basically a study of the interaction between silica bearing fluids and oil bearing fluids.  There are wide reaching applications of such a study to the petroleum industry.
Treasure Mountain (also LF) has a firm footing as the best place for black stemmed Herklimer diamond scepters - and there may be good reasons for that.
Other Mines in the District
Closed to Pubilc Access:
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Updated - 03/09/2019
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