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The Dynamic Interaction of Quartz Bearing Solutions
with Hydrocarbon Bearing Solution - Changes at the
There is mounting evidence that hydrocarbons were present when the various types of quartz crystals were growing in the Herkimer Mining District.  On this web page the focus is on microscope photography of features seen at the boundary between quartz and hydrocarbon.
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Microscope Evidence
When a Herkimer diamond grows it can grow in direct contact with hydrocarbons. On the page which described large form changes (click previous button below) a series of photos presented changes in the overall crystal form, in response to adjacent hydrocarbons. On this web page the focus is on microscopic changes at his contact. Photographing such changes inside a Herkimer diamond is a difficult task. It is most important to have a clear view to an obvious quartz - hydrocarbon boundary, so it can be photographed.
Photographic evidence of “crystal frost” was presented at the Herkimer Festival, July 2016.  See the Crystal Frost Page
Updated - 03/09/2019
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This research on the boundary has become more focused. Instead of investigating all types crystal frost phenomena has the investigations have turned in favor curved features.  It is assumed that these curved features can be more easily attributed to the quartz-hydrocarbon boundary.
The Spheres and Curved Features Research Project:  This research began with the discovery of quartz spheres within the Herkimer Mining district.  All of the curved quartz objects examined thus far occur at the quartz-hydrocarbon boundary.  Their curved form, and the curved crystal frost which is often associated, suggest that the hydro- carbon and the quartz interacted with each other during the growth of the Herkimer diamonds.  More evidence of this can be found on the Spheres and Curved Features page.
The Features Found at the Quartz - Hydrocarbon Boundary The Features Found at the Quartz - Hydrocarbon Boundary
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