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The Dynamic Interaction of Quartz Bearing Solutions
with Hydrocarbon Bearing Solutions-
Large form Changes
There is considerable evidence that hydrocarbons were present when the various types of quartz crystals were growing in the Herkimer Mining District.  This evidence will be presented here, and since this is the focus of current research, more information will be added over the coming year - 2016.
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The Quartz Spheres
In 2009 this author was granted the honor of doing 2 years of research at the TCR Herkimer diamond location - a private mine. It was here that the partner of the owner discovered very small spheres of quartz within hydrocarbon cavities. After a little study, I posted the origin of these spheres and their connection to oil. It is hard to match these special creations of nature to any other process other than quartz bearing solutions interacting with hydrocarbons. They certainly can not be formed using the geologic processes ascribed to in the old theories that tried to explain how Herkimer diamonds were made.
The spheres are quite small, and it was a small miracle they were ever discovered.  But after their discovery miners began to examine the black hydrocarbon pockets with more scrutiny - and detailed microscope work has been the focus of this author.  This careful scrutiny has lead to several discoveries. One such discovery is “ring with edges”. We think this is due to a bubble hitting the flat surfaces of a growing quartz crystal. You can see this bubble flat edge in slide 7 in the above slide show - a nice photo by Jane Minter               of a soap bubble on a flat surface.  
Evidence of More than Just the Quartz Spheres
Old Theories Old Theories
The slide show contains several photos of the spheres and most have these most interesting glassy circular features (as seen on the top of the sphere on the first slide).  These represent the beginnings of crystal face development, which is shown more clearly in the second slide.
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The Quartz Rings
The slide show contains photos of contact between hydrocarbon and quartz where it is apparent that the hydrocarbon influenced the shape of the growing quartz.  These contact changes in the quartz form include the following: dimples, dimple carpet. domes, and curved crystal face development.  Soon to be added - structural changes seen through the microscope and the quartz- hydrocarbon contact.
Changes at the Boundary Changes at the Boundary
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