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Inclusions within Herkimer Diamonds
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The term inclusion simply means anything that is included within the Herkimer diamond. It most commonly refers to minerals, hydrocarbons and fluids trapped within the crystal during its formation.  The study of these inclusions can tell us quite a bit about what was happening in the home of Herkimer diamonds while they were growing. 
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Because of the advanced microscope photo work we now have a large number of photos of a wide variety of inclusions.  These different types of inclusions can be found within the following web pages:
The central focus of this page is on minerals (other than quartz) that are found inside Herkimer diamonds.
Minerals Trapped Inside Herkimer Diamonds
There are many interesting things that get trapped within Herkimer diamonds, occasional minerals that we can identify can be seen.  These trapped minerals have a story to tell us.
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Updated - 03/09/2019
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