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Herkimer Diamond Event:  The tiny crystals act as “seeds” from which larger Herkimer diamonds grow.
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The Herkimer diamond crystals formed over the top of the “seed crystals”, in a hole with enough room to grow, and in the presence of hydrocarbons (oil, gas) - about 450 million years ago.
The Herkimer Diamond Mining District is unique in the world - not because it produces brilliant small crystals (lot of locations do so - see list of other locations) but because of the wide diversity in size, shape, color, clarity and how it is found in the rock. The diversity of Herkimer diamond specimens is so large that it needs to be broken into separate pages in order to cover all of the different types that are found.  Below is the list of web pages dedicated to each Herkimer diamond variation:
A Large Diversity in Herkimer Diamonds
Every Herkimer diamond specimen tells a story about its formation, particularly if it is attached to the rock of its “birth place” (called a matrix specimen).  When detached from rock, loose as a single crystal, it is difficult to tell the differences from one mine to another, with a few exceptions (some types of crystals are unique to certain mines).  Understanding “how Herkimer diamonds were made” requires collecting hundreds of samples from across the entire district are donated by the community and thus make this research project successful. A list of the supporters is provided on the “Friends of Herkimer Diamonds” page:
Friends of Herkimer Diamonds Friends of Herkimer Diamonds
More information about how Herkimer diamonds were formed will be provided on the pages listed in the column on the right.  In addition, within those pages will be links to more science - look for the red numbered button.
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Thank you Shannon Haley Wilbur for the donation of 30 samples from the Fonda region.1/05/2019 and 3/2/2019 Check out her Facebook.
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